Chenche de las torres

State: Yucatan

Type of Hacienda: Sisal

Service: Private residence.

Location: It is in the municipality of Temax, located a little over 40 kilometers from Merida, on a side road off the Merida-Tizimin highway, exactly halfway between Cansahcab and Temax.

History: belonging to the Counts of Miraflores, the Manzanilla family bought it from the last descendant of the Counts, Countess Candelaria Peón y Peón. Finally, today it belongs to Mrs. Isabella Kimerman, who has undertaken its most recent restoration. The building still preserves around it the garden with native plants and a neo-Gothic chapel. On the outer walls, to either side of the main entrance, are the arms of its previous owners: Alvaro Peón de Regil and Joaquina Peón Castellanos, Counts of Miraflores.