State: Yucatan

Type of Hacienda: Sugar, Sisal

Service: Hotel, restaurant

Location: This is to the east of Merida, on the Tixkokob-Tekantó road, off Highway 180 (the Merida-Cancún road) at the 68 kilometer mark.

History:It was built in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Due to its isolated location, no actual settlement grew up, but rather it was linked to the villages of Tixkokob, Euán and Cacalchén.
Originally it was a cattle and corn ranch, incorporating sugar production in the mid-19th century, and switching at the end of the century to the planting and production of sisal, an activity which it began rather late in comparison with other haciendas. All these changes meant transformations in its architecture, mainly in its boom period, under the ownership of Antonio Bolio Guzmán, who received it in payment for the Bolio theater in Merida in 1880. In 1993 it was acquired by the Plan Group to be restored and converted into a hotel.