State: Yucatan

Type of Hacienda: Sisal, Cattle, Agricultural

Service: Tourist visits

Location: It is located 25 kilometers from the mangrove forests of the Celestun Reserve. The best route is to take the highway to Celestun and turn off there.

History:This hacienda can be considered one of the largest and most important of the sisal boom in the southwest of. It was founded between the 17th and 18th centuries. It is said that it was visited ion 1906 by general Porfirio Díaz, who was received with a historic banquet hosted by Rafael Peón Losa, a descendent of the founder. On land nearby, was the famous fighting bull ranch of Sinkehuel. A peculiarity of Chunchucmil is its proximity to the coast: at dusk, according to the locals, when the breeze is strong, you can smell the salt tang of the sea.