State: Yucatan

Type of Hacienda: Sisal

Service: Tourist visits

Location: Dzoyaxché is contained within the Cuxtal ecological reserve, located to the south of the city of Merida, covering an area of 10,757 hectares. To be precise, the hacienda is 20 kilometers south of Merida, and neighbors Huayalceh to the south.

History:The first owner of the building of whom we have records was Francisco Martínez de Arredondo y Castro, who owned it in 1952. On his death, it was left to his widow Mrs. Josefina Molina, who sold part of it to the Nacional Financiera Company in 1962. The chapel, dedicated to St. Nicholas Tolentino, was built in 1926 and marks the dates of funeral among the family that lived on the hacienda at the end of the 19th century. A marble carving by an Italian artist dates from 1888.