Blanca Flor
Blanca Flor
Telephones: (999) 925-9655, 925-8042

It was founded in the 17th century as a Franciscan monastery. Most of its buildings - for example its Moorish arches - are intact. During the Caste Wars, in 1848, the inhabitants of the hacienda fought against Mayan rebels and won, thus avoiding being moved to Merida. In December 1865 the Empress Carlota stayed in this hacienda while visiting Campeche. In 1915 it avoided the advancing revolutionary army under General Alvarado after a battle lasting twelve hours (the hacienda church still bears the marks of this battle.) The hacienda was later taken and the occupants murdered. The rooms of the hacienda were modernized in the 20th century. Today the hacienda is open to the public as a twenty-room hotel.

Located in the town of Hecelchakán, to the north of Campeche, at km 63 on highway 180.