Del Carmen
Del Carmen
Telephones: 311-1600

The hacienda was built around 1850 by Francisco Guerrero del Espinal; the original name was Santa Gertrudis. The main house was built in 1870 by the new owner, Enrique O. de la Madrid Brizuela, who named it Hacienda del Carmen. It had lands covering 500 hectares. The owner used the hacienda as a recreational villa. Within the hacienda was a ranch called “El Majahual”, where the peons lived, and where there were croplands. It was devoted to cattle raising, and had its own grazing lands. There were 300 head of breeding cattle, including breeds such as Holstein, Swiss and Durham. The hacienda was split up in Enrique O. de la Madrid’s will – part went to his wife, María Castro, and another part was sold to Salvador G. Corona, on the 8th of February 1897. In 1962, Manuel Sánchez Silva contacted the heirs of the hacienda buildings, along with Francisco Zaragoza. He bought the buildings and restored them, converting them into a museum containing carriages, accessories and furniture of the period. Today it is owned by Francisco Zaragoza de la Fuente and his wife Teresa Velasco.

Located to the north of the city of Colima, about 3 km from Villa de Álvarez.