Cañada de Negros
Cañada de Negros
Telephones: 01( 476) 757-9070, 72,73

This is a 17th century hacienda, built by the estate owner Pedro Lorenzo de Castilla. The name of the hacienda comes from the large number of mulattoes, descendants of African slaves who escaped from the mines. The mulattoes were employed as cowboys on the hacienda. In the early 20th century many inhabitants of the hacienda joined the Christero troops. The hacienda was bought by a construction impresario from Leon named Juan Navarro Orozco. Today, the restored hacienda is a hotel and convention center. In 1999 it was recognised as the best-preserved building in the State Cleanliness and Conservation of Urban Image Prize.

Located a few minutes from the urban center of Purísima del Rincón, 30 km from León.

Convention Center