State: Yucatan

Type of Hacienda: Sisal

Service: Hotel

Location: It is located between Acanceh and Tecoh, closer to the latter village. Leaving Merida, you have to take the Kanasín-Acanceh-Tecoh road: take the turning from 27th street on the west side of the church and follow the paved road for 8 kilometers to Itzincab Cámara.

History:The main façade is formed by three principal arches dating from the 19th century, supported by stone pillars with lintels. These form the central façade of the hacienda mansion, which is reached by a stairway flanked by wrought iron railings. The central complex is topped by an architectonic feature reminiscent of colonial spandrels. There is also an interesting carved stone arch in the shrine, where there are also mural paintings, especially at the back of the niche. Here you can also see the remains of a pre-Hispanic platform with a staircase built during the sisal era. Of the original chapel, now roofless, only a stone cross and a spandrel survive. The building dates from the turn of the century and contains a presbytery, an altar and a sacristy.