State: Yucatan

Type of Hacienda: Sisal, Cattle

Service: Special events, shows, rodeo

Location: Kancabchén is in the municipality of Baca, 22 kilometers along the Merida-Motul road.

History: The hacienda was founded in 1890 for the purpose of sisal cultivation and cattle raising. The first owner was Mr. Pascual Gamboa Rivera, who, faced with the disappearance of the sisal industry, ended up selling the property to Mrs. Josefina Gamboa, who owned it until 1985, when the building was acquired by the Ponce García family to open a dairy farm and enjoy an area for rest and relaxation. Considered a jewel of neo-Classical hacienda architecture, Kancabchén, which means “web of red earth” in Maya, covers an area of 230 hectares. The main house has two floors and various rooms: library, living room, dining room, drawing room, kitchen, breakfast room, playroom, bar, two bathrooms and eight bedrooms. The façade boasts three half-point arches which give on to the gallery, and three smaller arches in the service area; on the top of the building there is a spandrel with a bell and clock.