State: Yucatan

Type of Hacienda: Sisal

Service: Social events

Location: It is nine kilometers south of Umán, on the old Merida-Campeche road, known as the old “royal highway”, which leaves the capital from the south.

History:Originally intended for cattle raising and agricultural production as a cattle-corn ranch, it turned to sisal production probably in the 19th century, when architectural and structural extensions and modifications were made. Its present owner is Mr. Alejandro Patrón Laviada. The outstanding features of the architecture at Poxilá are in colonial style: bulky volumes (walls up to 70 centimeters thick), as well as “austere décor, a terrace at the main house, a wide staircase, a front gallery and a chapel”19. The important buildings, such as the main house, the machine room, the warehouses, the paymaster and the manager’s house are towards the interior of a walled enclosure, with a plaza and an initial entrance arch, characteristic of this typo of hacienda. There we can see the original main corral of the cattle hacienda.