San Antonio Cucul

State: Yucatan

Type of Hacienda: Henequenera

Service: Hotel

Location: In the north of Merida, at #340A 28th street, between 22nd and 32nd, in the San Antonio Cucul residential area.

History:The construction of this beautiful colonial architectonic complex probably dates back to the beginning of the 17th century. It was owned by historic figures: lieutenant-colonel Antonio Azevedo, and José María Guerra y Correa, 24th bishop of Yucatan and the first Yucatecan to hold this high ecclesiastical position. In fact, on his death he was buried in the chapel of this hacienda. Since his death coincided with the coming into force of the Reform Laws and the consequent limitation on burial in the cathedral crypt. Later the property had various owners, until finally, in 1957, Fernando Gutiérrez Solís divided the estate into 22 rustic plots, of which the one with the official registry number of 122 included the old “shell” of the hacienda. In 1963, number 122 was itself divided into two parts, creating number 9857, containing the remaining land, while the hacienda with the “shell” and the main house remained 122. It was then acquired by Mrs. María Luisa Barthell Escudero de Rubio and later, in 1969, sold to her son, Erick Rubio Barthell, who in 1977 sold parts of the property to his brothers, retaining use and usufruct for Erik Rubio Ancona and María Luisa Barthell. Today the property is co-owned by Erick Luis Rubio Barthell and his brothers.