State: Yucatan

Type of Hacienda: Sisal

Service: Private residence.

Location: The ex-hacienda at Zodzil, whose original name was San Antonio Zodzil is to the north of the city, on a site next to the ring road.

History: Zodzil was probably built at the end of the 19th century. It belonged to the wife of Olegario Molina Solís, Mrs. Dolores Figueroa. When the owner died, the property went to her husband, who sold it in March 1922 along with its annexes San Pedro Chechén, Santa María Pecheiná, Temozón (now Temozón Norte), Chunyá and Ochil. Afterwards the lands had been reduced to provide common land for the village of Chablekal in 1932, and in 1933 for Chuburná and Xcumpich, the sites were separated to form the haciendas of Temozón Norte and the other abovementioned annexes – with the exception of Ochil, acquired by Antonio Mediz Bolio in 1940 – which were finally sold in November 1956 to the Banco Nacional de Crédito Ejidal. Later on, in September 1974, several members of the Molina Montes inherited the property, with the usufruct of Mrs. Obdulia Montes.